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Drama Queen

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

To be absent from drama is to be present with peace.

The hardest part of my adulthood has been learning when to hold my tongue. I’m learning what comments are necessary, and which ones aren’t. I’m learning what to let go and what to hold onto. And most importantly, I’m learning when to walk away from someone and when to stand up to them.

Adulthood is a constant cycle of trial and error.

I’ve always been the one to pop off (I mean I still am but that’s a different story) – but it’s more than control. It’s about knowing the company you keep around and not being around people that disturb your peace.

I am the queen of letting someone hurting my feelings impact my day, sometimes my week.

And life has taught me to grant people grace. Even if I don’t agree with their actions, or reasoning behind their actions – it’s a beautiful thing to find peace in understanding.

Peace is a mindset.

The unhappier you are, the easier you are to trigger. I work with domestic violence and sexual assault victims & every day I see one of them completely break down over something that would see so minimal in an everyday capacity. I’ve watched a woman have an entire melt down over losing an umbrella – because when you are so fed up & so exhausted, it’s that minor thing that finally takes you over the edge.

I was tired of constantly being on the edge & having those minor things ruin so many beautiful moments for me. It sucks missing out on fun & blessings because you’re sad, upset, mad, etc.

To let go of drama, I had to find a way to grant myself peace. I have forgiven so many people that have never & will never give me an apology. I had to detach from and cut off people I thought would be in my lives forever. I had to stop forcing interactions with people that don’t make time for me. And I had to let go of people that constantly have millions of complaints, but nothing positive to say.

I stopped fighting battles for people who wouldn’t fight battles for me.

Loving myself correctly & giving myself time for healing and discernment – the drama rid itself.

I found someone I never want to lose again – and that person is me.

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