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underground black girl


a place to discuss the things we're told to heal from without apology

about the creator

Hey everyone! My name is Alexus Moore, but everyone calls me Lexsie. I am currently an undergraduate student at a university in Indianapolis, IN. My major is Psychology & my minor is Afro-American Studies. 

I started my blog January 27, 2019 - a few days after a close friend of mine committed suicide. he struggled with his mental health a lot, and it was hard for him to find a safe place while he was here on earth. so, I was determined to make one. since that day I have dedicated my life to creating a safe place for us - and keeping a constant line of communication open for anyone who needs it.

the purpose of my blog is to create a space for people, especially black youth that are struggling with depression, anxiety, and more. we are constantly told that we are not allowed to feel emotion if we have basic necessities. and it is beneficial to know someone is there, and willing to listen.

so come on, let's heal 🖤

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