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Let Him Go

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Black men love to make themselves seem like the most hated group of people in the world without taking the treatment of black women into account.

It’s crazy having people on social media and knowing them in real life. I get confused on if they’re speaking on the life they want to live or the life they think they live – because neither are accurate in the moment.

We see men speak on loyalty, and women walking away from them. And these end up being the same men that broke women down & leaving was their only choice. Or men want women to stick around, even when they’re being done wrong, because they don’t want anyone else to have them even when they’re not ready.

And maybe I’m speaking from pain, but there are too many women, if not every woman I know, going through this cycle. And it really doesn’t end if you never walk away. Men want us to forgive them for things they would never forgive us for. The women that offer them the most mean nothing to them if they won’t settle for them.

To every woman out there, especially black women, because I can say that – please do not measure your worth based on how a man with nothing to offer treated you. Recognize that it is okay to love, give, and appreciate others. Do not let a man bring you out of your character and make you butter.

You deserve better. You are worth more.

And never go after a man that refused to chase you. If he believes he has more options, let him go after them.

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