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As I Am - H.E.R.

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

“Tell me I’m the best, I am”

The month of February was literally me shocking myself.

I pushed myself to my limits, and I burnt myself out. But I showed myself that I can do literally any and everything I could possibly want to do – and success is a lot closer than I could ever believe.

I am a person constantly expanding. I don’t like not knowing anything. I want to know how to do everything, there are very few things I like to ask people for. When I ask people for anything, it’s to support talent – not because I don’t know how to do it.

In the last month I became a marketing partner for a growing lip gloss business, I learned how to cornrow, I’ve become a brand ambassador for a lash line, and so many other opportunities I don’t want to speak on yet because they’re still manifesting.

And for once I’m dealing with someone that adds more peace than they do stress. And everyone that has added on stress to my life, had to go. I grew tired of trying to accomplish so much & surrounding myself with people stuck in their ways. Misery loves company & now that I have rid myself of all negativity, I can’t handle that emotionally.

“You’re like the sweetest thing I know”

So, thank you to my person. For supporting me. For pushing me beyond my limits. And for being on the path to start your own journey that will compliment mine. We will continue to celebrate the minor victories, because you’ve celebrated the major ones with me.

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