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Talk - Khalid

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

“Can’t we just talk?”

It is crazy how people only claim you to be what benefits them in the moment.

Men are so manipulative. Especially Libras and Pisces, but I’ll be starting a horoscope series to discuss them later.

It is crazy how a man will literally want everything from you except a title.

I am not God, I am not here to heal every man’s wound. I am not here to take on other people’s problems and dismiss my own. I am not here to love someone that does not make me feel loved.

Toward the end of last year, I was talking to this guy. We spent almost everyday together, and if we weren’t together, we were on the phone. If he missed me, or needed someone to just talk to, he would come sit at my job with me. We would have sleepovers every single weekend, and literally just stay up talking until 2 or 3 in the morning. We would talk about our futures, and eloping – I met his daughter.

Then I realized that I wasn’t falling for him, but the man I fantasized him to be. He didn’t spend time with me for my benefit, but because of his. I ignored every red sign everyone warned me about.

It came to a point where I became fed up. I was tired of having this grown man talk down on me & be inconsistent with his emotions. I tried to communicate with him, and he tried to convince me that I was crazy. I asked him on multiple occasions how he felt about us, and he was one of those “I’m just not ready for a relationship” type of dudes.

Ladies, just remember, the “with you” is silent.

“What’s been on your mind?”

He tried to read me for filth, and failed, miserably. It truly showed that he heard me, but he never listened. He told me that the only reason I became attached to him was because I needed some type of healing. I wanted the conversation to end, because it became an attack. And being the Gemini I am, I emotionally detached – instantly.

He felt like the next day, everything should be fine and dandy. Pisces feel so entitled to people and have so many issues handling their truth. And it made me seem bitter when I finally responded, with all the anger in the world.

I have never tried to seek healing in a person, especially a man. That has disappointment written all over it.

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