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Electric Blue - Alo Lee

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

“I couldn’t know that you were so wrong for me”

It’s funny how quick a good situation can turn bad.

A year ago I met someone, and I was head over heels in lust. We were inseparable. If I was not at school or at work, I was with him – and his two bummy friends. Woo, that should’ve been a red flag in itself.

Boom. We met. Next day, boom. We’re a couple. Three days later, boom. We’re already arguing. He would say the rudest things, then call me crazy for the way I responded. Anyone that knows me knows that if you disrespect me, I’ll disrespect you even worse.

He became more of a child than he ever was a boyfriend.

A few days later the worst of the worse happened. And I was over it. In just a week’s time, my entire vision of someone changed. He revealed his evil side, before I got a glimpse of his good side.

I’ve always been a person that was too trusting. I was always the one that gave every single person the benefit of the doubt & that blew up in my face.

“We could never win”

The one thing I appreciate about myself is that I don’t let my past mistakes influence my current relationships. I don’t carry my trust issues over to other people. I’m not one to tell a man I don’t trust him because of what another man did to him because it’s no one’s responsibility to let me heal.

It’s crazy how after so long, you just go numb to some forms of pain.

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